Anthony grew up as a comic book fan in New York’s Washington Heights dating back to DC’s Swamp Thing, through Todd McFarlane’s pencils, then inks on Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man (he still owns the definitive issues 300 and 301). He’s now has fallen back in love with comics with Image Comics’ release of their noir graphic novel series, The Fade Out, by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, as well as Saga written by Brian K. Vaughan with art by Fiona Staples.

Now, as a writer, Anthony’s own stories are inspired by true events from his life. Some of the proceeds from his work will go to support a charity tied to the specific theme of a story. For Mike Tomb, proceeds from the graphic novel will go to a charity that helps abused children. For Web Kid, proceeds from the comic book will go to a charity that helps homeless children and their families.

Mike Tomb will be adapted into a motion comics short and be narrated by Anthony Mendez and will include other voice actors, as well.

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Mike TombMike Tomb is a story about a Dominican-American headstone maker, Michael Gonzalez, who decides to pursue his dreams after contracting a serious illness, but a family secret and his ties to their business threatens to send him to his grave early.

Mike Tomb, the graphic novel, will be released in Spring 2018. Veteran Marvel and DC artist, Jim Fern, will bring Mike Tomb to life. Jim is currently inking Mike Tomb. After release, it will then be adapted into a motion comic short. The final Mike Tomb cover from Jim Fern will be posted first as an exclusive sneak peek to members of Anthony’s email list.

You can also follow Mike Tomb on Instagram and visit The motion comic will be produced under Anthony’s company, Strip Dot Voice, LLC.

Web Kid will be Anthony’s second comic project, to be released in 2018. Web Kid is a comic book story about Pedro, a homeless boy genius and fan of a certain arachnid-inspired superhero who, against the wishes of his by-the-book, street-cat sage, Miso, survives by stealing from others in his neighborhood. But when he steals from a criminal with ties to local organized crime, he finds himself on the run and forced to confront limited social mobility. Unlike his comic book hero, Pedro has no powers, but much like his hero his true strength might lie in out-thinking enemies and helping others like him rise above their conditions.

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