Lack of Sleep Never Felt So Good

Meditation for Voiceovers (an e-book,) Beer and Batteries (selling home brew kits and electronics,) Rover Shops (my version of “Yelp” for Land Rover repair shops,) Latitude Creative (a failed multicultural trailer house,) BatterEnew (home battery delivery subscription and recycling service,) Antonio Loves You (my Spanish-accented alter ego voiceover artist,) Anthony’s Desk (a centralized support desk,) DJ Movie Drops (audio movie trailers for DJ mixtapes,) Twilight Info (Twilight movie news aggregator – it was shutdown because it was ranking higher than the movie site for a little while,) Hunger Games Buzz (another movie news aggregator,) PromoARK (a “Youtube” clone for on-air promos,)  The Avengers Info (yet another movie news aggregator – these work, but they’re slow to take off,) Trailer Translate (movie trailer script translation service,) more recently Bristol Pixels (just a place for me to park my digital art)… and those are just the ones I remember. I think I’m a serial “webmasterpreneur.”
The Internet is littered with my ideas-turned-websites. At one point I owned about 50 sites! Now, I’m down to about a handful of them. Most of them failed (as you can see,) some are still making a little bit of money, like Hunger Games Buzz, which pretty much runs and posts on its own scouring the web for Hunger Games news. However, I’ve never been more passionate about creating anything (other than my children, of course) than I am about my latest project, Stream Potato.

I want it to grow organically as it has slowly, but surely, been doing these past two weeks since it started. So, if you enjoy (or are curious) about streaming movies and TV shows, I invite you to like our FB page, visit the site, and follow us on Twitter @streampotato.

I’m in the process of putting together a web show for Stream Potato, as well. And, hopefully, down the road, I can bring some supporters and contributors on board with me. In the meantime, thanks for listening and I hope you’ll cross your fingers for me or, better yet, Like, follow, and contribute.

Stream on!


Happy New Year

I used to have this domain on Posterous and spend quite a bit of time on Facebook. However, as WordPress has improved its functionality (like posting via email, etc.) and as Facebook continuously changes its privacy policies, I’ve decided to take back control of my social media hub.

This space will be my home for my ideas, rants, and discoveries. I hope you’ll indulge me by engaging in this space. In the meantime, Happy New Year! See you in January when I fill this new home with furniture.